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PHP 7.4 reaches its end-of-life this year

PHP 7.4 reaches its end-of-life this year

Most famous php version 7.4 reaches its end of life in November 28th this year. For ensuring security security and stability you should think of upgrading all your existing php website to php8 or above

above tables show the current supported PHP version

version(Branch)Initial ReleaseActive support untilSecurity support until
7.428 Nov 201928 Nov 202128 Nov 2022
8.026 Nov 202026 Nov 202226 Nov 2023
8.125 Nov 202125 Nov 202325 Nov 2024
Source: PHP official Website

Known issues

Some of the main issue you may face here by upgrading php version to php8 or higher is comparitability issue most of application like CodeIgniter, Laravel and others are already at it’s stable version support these version completely but in case of our most widely used WordPress CMS is still in beta support for the higher versions but mostly it will be solved by next major WordPress Release this year.


Also there is advantages also by upgrading the php version to the higher versions is that you will get free performance boost as bonus by default and get security support for more years


In conclusion there are millions of websites are working using php7.4 that needed to be upgraded to the new version to keep their site stable and secure by November this year let’s hope all the upgradation goes well and all you hosting partner help you in this process of upgrade by giving everyone the easy way to switch the php version of their sites like cPanel php Selector tool and other php switching tools.

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